Legal Representation and Consultation

In her role as a legal advocate, Attorney Miriam Krell Bourke represents the interests of each individual client.  Representation typically involves negotiation with the other party or attorney, and occasionally litigation in Court.  In her many years of practice, Attorney Bourke has worked with hundreds of people whose circumstances required legal action or representation to protect their interests or their safety, or in situations in which communication in a relationship has broken down.  Attorney Bourke actively pursues her clients’ goals of parenting and supporting children, achieving financial stability, obtaining an equitable division of assets, and regaining control in their lives.

Attorney Bourke empowers her clients by giving them important information about the law and the legal process.  She advises people of their legal rights and obligations, and offers a professional evaluation of each client’s case.  With this knowledge, clients are able to make informed decisions and focus their time and resources efficiently and effectively.

Attorney Bourke is available for legal consultations on an hourly basis.  Anyone involved in mediation or legal proceedings pro se (without an attorney) would benefit greatly from the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney.

Collaborative Law

Attorney Bourke is trained in the Collaborative Law process, in which parties and their attorneys expressly agree to work cooperatively to resolve disputes without going to Court.  Most family law cases ultimately resolve through agreement, usually after months or years of costly litigation.  Collaborative Law promotes agreement from the outset through open disclosure of information and informal conferences involving parties and their attorneys.  Together the parties and attorneys consult appraisers, accountants, child specialists and other experts as necessary.  By avoiding litigation, the parties can minimize the negative emotional, financial and social impact of divorce and separation.